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Cool Eyes (No irritation)

Ingredients: Cucumber Paneer (liquid) Cotton Method: 1. Soak a square piece of cotton in paneer water for minute. Meanwhile, cut two circular pieces of cucumber. 2. Place the soaked cotton above the cucumber and place it on your eyes (close your eyes). Do the same for both the eyes. 3….

Body Scrub

This natural scrub removes dirt from your skin without harming it. You will feel how smooth your skin becomes after using this scrub. Ingredients: Paasipayaru (full moong dhal with it’s green skin) kasthuri turmeric powder Method: It is very easy to prepare it. 1. Grind the dhal coarsely. You can…

Instant Glow Pack

This pack will suite normal to dry skin type. If your skin is basically very oily i feel this pack will not suite you. This pack can be stored in refrigerator for about one week and used. Ingredients: Ripe Lemon Ripe Tomato Olive oil Method: Take the juice of half…

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