How to get golden brown fried items?

  • First choose a proper vessel. For deep frying a kadai is the best because it will hold more oil in the center which will give a pool effect for ingredients to float and fry.
  • Pour enough oil. Less oil will not allow the items to be cooked properly. The ingredients might stick to the vessel and become dark before getting cooked.
  • Make sure that the ingredients you are going to fry do not contain more water. More water will make the fried items oilier. In case of mixing ingredients in masala and frying, make the masala paste with correct amount of water and then add the ingredients (strain the ingredients from water) to it.
  • Use a spoon with holes in it so that while removing the fried items from oil you do not take the oil along with it.
  • Initially heat the oil in kadai before adding the ingredients. To see if the oil is heated put only one drop of water in the oil and see (Be careful, let the oil not come in contact with your body). If the oil has come to correct temperature, it will split with a sound.
  • Please do not heat the oil too much also. If you see vapor coming from kadai lower the flame and let the oil cool a little before adding the ingredients.
  • While adding the ingredients, keep the stove in high flame. Let one side of the ingredient turn golden brown. Now reduce the flame to medium and turn the ingredients to the other side. In medium flame the ingredients will get cooked properly.
  • If you want the food to be crispier, cook in medium flame till it becomes crispy.
  • Use a knife dipped in water to see if the item is cooked by piercing the ingredients. If the ingredients stick to the knife more cooking is required (Check here to view tips for cooking vegetables and meat by boiling)
  • In case of fish (Fish fry), it will get cooked soon. When you see all the sides turning golden brown you can assume that it is cooked.
  • After both sides turn golden brown and the items are cooked, take the items one by one by filtering oil from it using the spoon with holes.
  • If you still find the items oily, keep it over any tissue paper which will absorb oil. Serve it in a separate plate.
  • When frying crispy snacks (crispy bites) the colour only indicates the status of cooking. You have to fry the item in medium flame till it turns golden brown. Always try frying one piece first. Taste it to see if salt/sugar is right and whether it is crispy then add many pieces.
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