How to make chappathis, parathas and rotis?

Kneading Dough:

  • While kneading dough, along with flour, salt and water you can add little sesame oil mixed in warm water to make the dough become soft.
  • One more point is that you should knead the dough till it becomes soft. The time here matters more.

Rolling chapatthis:

  1. Make round balls in the size of lemon from the dough.
  2. Keep wheat flour in a bowl separately by your side.
  3. Roll the ball in wheat flour so that flour sticks to all sides of the ball.
  4. Now roll it using a rolling pin (this is nothing but the rod used to flatten the dough balls). We also use a rolling board on which the balls are flattened.
  5. Apply wheat flour on both sides in the process of flattening so that it does not stick on to the rolling board.
  6. Flatten the chapatti so that it is not very thick and place on an even surface.
  7. If rolled out chapattis have so many folds also it will not come out properly.
  8. If you are stacking (keeping one above the other) rolled ones, make sure that they do not stick to each other. You can spread wheat flour in between to avoid sticking.

How to handle chapatthis in the tawah?

  1. Heat the tawah. Do not heat it till lots of vapor comes out from it making your area cloudy. In this case reduce the flame.
  2. Place the rolled chapatti on it. Keep moving the chapatti using a spoon so that heat spreads evenly.
  3. When you see small bulging here and there on the chapatti surface, turn it.
  4. Add oil to the sides so that it goes between the tawah and the chapatthi.
  5. Apply oil on the top surface also.
  6. Now also keep moving the chapatti using a spoon.
  7. You will see light brown spots on the sides. Your chapatthi is ready. If you want it to be cooked more, again turn it to the other side and keep moving it.
  8. For the whole process keep the flame near to high. If you lower the flame, chapattis will become crispier. In the process if tawa is over heated reduce the flame, after some time increase it again.
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