Pressure cooking the vegetables/Meat

Nowadays pressure cooker (click to view image) is widely used since it saves a lot of time. As you know, pressure cooker has become a common utensil in all houses.

  1. This method is almost similar to the normal way. Add vegetables, water and salt to the cooker pan. Here you can add less water compared to the normal way of cooking in a vessel.
  2. Close the cooker. Allow 2-3 whistles to come.
  3. You can cook meat also similarly. But you will need to increase the number of whistles. For chicken you can keep 7-8 whistles. For mutton 10-12 whistles is necessary. Good meat will get cooked in 8 whistles itself. Mostly frozen meat will be very hard and requires about 10 -12 whistles.You can increase or decrease the number of whistles depending on the type of meat you get in your area.
  4. For cooking the vegetables or meat along with the masala you can use a pan with a lid similar to the pressure cooker.
  5. You can fry the ingredients, add the vegetables or meat and pressure cook it. Cooking food along with the masala increases its taste.
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