What to do if you have added too much salt?

How to find out the taste of correct amount of salt?

  1. First try tasting the food or any ingredient before adding salt.
  2. Always add little salt first. Mix it well with the food. Try tasting it again. You will see the difference in taste.
  3. Now you can add salt if needed until you find the food tasty.
  4. If you add more salt at first, the food will become salty and not fit to dine.

Anyway, what to do if you have added too much salt?

  1. Take rice flour and mix it with water so that you are able to make balls out of it.
  2. Add this rice ball to the salty dish and heat the food until the rice ball is cooked.
  3. This will remove the saltiness from the dish. If it is still saltier add more rice balls and cook again.
  4. You can either eat the rice balls (if you like to taste a salty item or you can remove them from your food).

Alternatively you can also add potatoes (cut into small pieces) to remove saltiness from food items. The procedure is same as that of rice balls.

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